Redefining the role of teacher in 21st century.

The digital revolution is changing our work, our associations and our schedules. It  is  transforming  the  way  children  and  young  people  play,  access  information, communicate with each other, learn, relearn and unlearn. But now this revolution has profoundly entered  in  the  Education  sector  and  that  is  also  at  all  levels  i.e. school level,  College  level  and  University  level. Now  we  talk  of  use  of  Interactive  smart  boards,  hybrid  or  blended  learning, flipped classrooms and digital libraries etc. during teaching learning processes.

In digital era, the process of learning and teaching is not only focused in the classroom, but also by using digital media, online and teleconference. However, the students must be controlled by the teachers, so they can choose positive aspects of technological advance. And the teachers as the main role should keep on watch and have to smarter than the students in technological issues. The education system of the 21st century has changed radically with the integration of the technology in every sector.

In this digital age, teachers are confronting with new  challenges  every  day  in  respect  of  students,  their  individual  needs, new  hardware’s  and  software’s and  own developmental needs. Using an advanced technology, students now have got the access to multiple knowledge via internet on their pcs, mobiles and tablets. As a result, students have become more knowledgeable, interrogative, competitive and more demanding from their teachers. An  average  teacher  who  himself  is  not  tech  savvy,  can’t  get  recognition  and  respect  from  these  kinds  of  students. Moreover due  to  Globalization  of  Education  in  the  last  decade  has  put  a  greater impact  on  the  type  of  students available in the classrooms.

A teacher  his self  is  also  an  employee  of  an  organization  called  school  or college  or  university. So there  are  certain  her  own  professional  needs which  are  posing  new  challenging  in  front  of  her  every  coming  day.  A teacher  is  engaged  in  multiple  and  multi-level  tasking  in  any  school,  college and University that they have either less or no time for innovations in  their  teaching.

Effective teachers don’t limit the learning resources for the students. Correspondingly, they are the best instructor for the students. In contrast, they will create the learning materials entertaining.  The instructor knows how to make the meaningful learning opportunities for all students accessing the technologies. Providing practical examples in classroom collaborating in a class with another teacher can also help them to learn perfectly. To emphasize, they know mixing the knowledge with an expert collaborator can make the student motivated.