October 17, 2020

Don’t visit Nepal, and here are the seven reasons why not to.

She was just 21 when she touched down Nepal and got mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty all around. The chill in Kathmandu city thrilled this Kolkata […]
October 15, 2020

Students to be promoted without conducting regular examinations

School students will not need to take the usual examinations this academic year to be promoted to the higher grade. The Curriculum Development Centre has asked […]
October 14, 2020

People who had COVID-19 are reporting lingering brain fog

Neurological symptoms can linger as long-term effects after COVID-19, but one in particular is becoming known as “COVID-19 brain fog.” Though it can manifest in different […]
October 13, 2020
Best business colleges in Nepal

Top Business Colleges In Nepal.

Most of the students fall in confusion after completing their intermediate level of education. Which field of study should they choose? And which college? Deciding on […]