After Chitwan, Bardia locals under tiger terror

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October 20, 2020
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After Chitwan, Bardia locals under tiger terror

While many believe the soaring population of tigers may be behind the increase in attacks, experts say increased human-animal interaction could be the reason.

Communities living near Chitwan National Park are still living in fear around two months after tigers killed two men in the area. Now, people living near Bardia National Park in western Nepal also find themselves in a similar situation with two locals dying on Tuesday.

With Tuesday’s deaths in Bardia—the third within two weeks and fifth this fiscal year—a question has been raised: Why are tigers attacking and killing humans so frequently these days?

Ramesh Tharu and Dinesh Tharu of Madhuwan Municipality-3—both in their 20s—were killed by the tiger in Beljhundi community forest, Dhanauri, said

Drona Raj Sharma, assistant forest officer at Division Forest Office, Bardia.

While Ramesh was killed at around 7 am, Dinesh, who went to the forest looking for Ramesh, was killed after a few hours.

“As Ramesh went missing for several hours, Dinesh went to the forest to look for him with a companion. The tiger also killed him while his companion managed to flee the scene,” Sharma told the Post from Bardia. “As both the attacks took place around the same area, we think the same tiger killed both Ramesh and Dinesh.”

Baburam Lamichhane, who has conducted several studies on tigers, their habitat, and their conflict with humans, said there could be multiple reasons behind the increase in the frequency of attacks.

Source: Thekathmandupost

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