Effect of Covid-19 in the environment

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September 15, 2020
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September 16, 2020

Effect of Covid-19 in the environment

The inception of the virus in Our planet has subconsciously kept some of us locked within the four walls, but has made the daily workers walking miles to reach their village.

We can see it on the news about how people are physically and mentally traumatized by the situation. The citizens are becoming more stressed and anxious. COVID-19 has also brought negative mental pressures for people. They are stressed about the situation we are going through and anxious about the future we going towards. The natural ecosystem and wildlife are also at risk during this coronavirus pandemic. Environmental protection workers in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are required to stay at home during lockdown, leaving these areas  not monitored and prone to poaching. This is due mostly to a lack of access to food – as incomes fall, remittances are lost, and in some contexts, food prices rise. In countries already affected by high levels of acute foodinsecurity, it is no longer a food access issue alone, but increasingly a food production issue. COVID-19 has struck at a time when hunger or undernourishment keeps rising.

There is a serious concern that producers might not being able to plant this year, or not plant enough, as normally The disruption from the pandemic provided cover for illegal deforestation operations We may have some friends who may support that the COVID-19 pandemic has been “good for the environment”—that nature is recovering while humanity stays at home— appeals to many people grasping for some upside to the global tragedy. Reality, though, may not cooperate with such hopes.The benefits many found heartening early on—from cleaner air to birdsong newly audible as cars and planes went quiet—were always likely to be temporary. And with lockdown easing, they have already begun to dissipate. Now, some experts fear that the world risks a future with more traffic, more pollution, and climate change that worsens faster than ever. “We still have the same cars, the same roads, the same industries, same houses. In Brazil, illegal loggers have accelerated their destruction of the Amazon rain-forest while the coronavirus ravages the nation.

According to satellite data from the space research agency INPE, 64 percent more land was cleared in April 2020 than in the same month last year—even though 2019 was the biggest year for deforestation in more than a decade. “You can do whatever you want
in the Amazon and you won’t be punished, So this a proof that Covid -19 is brought large impacts one or other way to our environment, our nature earth.


Anil Pokhrel
CSIT Student | CAB

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