Problems and Improvements on online classes in Nepal

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September 11, 2020
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September 12, 2020

Problems and Improvements on online classes in Nepal

online classes

Nepalis are slowling prefering online medium of studies in favor of traditional schools. Parents are purchasing laptops and other devices so that thier children can take part in their online studies. Many schools and colleges are offering online classes these days. However, online classes are not without their own difficulties. Children have to stay awake in front of the computer screen for long period of time. This is raising some problems in their health.

The problems

Online classes require stable internet connection all the time. Nepal is a country which do not offer stable connectivity after all. Being in front of the screen is not as being physially present in the classrom. Therefore there is always a challege for the teachers to maintain the controlled environment. Most of the children are small aged who cannot set up their devices for online classes. One of the difficulties is that the parents have to constanly guide their children throughout the class. They have to guide their children in books, homeworks and so on. There is rising cases that children are producing problems in their eyes and health. The prolonged use of electronic devices is actuaully not good for health of the children.Moreover, most of the children theses days have to wear eyeglasses even in their eatly childhood which is abnormal.

Improving Online Classes

Online classes need lots of attention and improvement. Not everyone in Nepal is able to afford to the latest high end devices to take part in the virtual classroom. Some of them are disabled. While online classes are some sort of solution as of now, it is not the best practice for overwall wellbeing of children. There are many side effects that is developed as well. The government of Nepal should bring alternative and effective means of education facilities. Although there is no any official recommendation from the Ministry of Education, different orgainization are taking initiative to consider the mental health of children.

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