First Day of Webinar On Cyber Security And Cyber Space Successfully Completed.

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June 27, 2020
June 29, 2020

First Day of Webinar On Cyber Security And Cyber Space Successfully Completed.

Oxford STEM Club in Association with  Code for Change and Semi-Colon Tech successfully conducted the very first session of the Webinar On Cyber Space And Cyber Security on the 28th of June 2020 at the scheduled time of 12:00 pm. The first Session of this Webinar was on the Topic of Web Security and the prerequisites of safe internet surfing.


The Webinar was hosted by the Director of Oxford STEM Club; Mr. Aakash Bhandari on the scheduled time  addressing the peak 206 Participants from the submitted 400 registrations.

. The session was chaired by the president of Oxford STEM Club; Mr. Ajay Bhusal. This event had marked the presence of Mr. Nirajan Chhetri; project Lead of Code for Change and  10 guests from the associated Organizations, namely Mr. Suman Gaihre; core member of Code for Change, Mr. Kiran Kafle; executive member of Code for Change, Mr. Santosh Pandey; founder and director of SemiColon Tech; Mr. Shivu Pandey, Resource Person from Code for Change, Mr. Bipin Pandey; Charter Vice-president of NHC STEM,  Mr. Raj Kasaudhan; President of NHC STEM, Mr. Prajwol Gautam; Vice-President of NHC STEM, Mr. Atul Mishra; Charter President of Oxford STEM Club, and Mr. Shrish Acharya; Charter Secretary of Oxford STEM Club.

The Training Session of this Webinar was taken by Mr. Shivu Pandey; co-founder of SemiColon Tec sharp from 12:20 am after the end of formal event hosting by the event host. The session continued till 2:00 pm comprehending various issues regarding the web security and the cyber breaches; clarifying the base of hacking actives and almost all shorts of basic ideas to help the participants secure their web privacy to themselves. The session was conducted and terminated in a very participant friendly environment with descent presentations from the Speaker. The intermission of the training session was tagged with a live quiz competition among the participants directing the participants. The quiz of 10 technology-related questionaries was itself battled among the 68% of the participants of the webinar among which Mr. Tejendra Bikram Karki got the hold to the top position as well the claim to a special gift from the organizers to be announced by the 3rd day of this Webinar. A professional live  Q/A session of the Trainer and the participants successfully completed the target of this Webinar.



The Webinar was streamed live through the Facebook Pages of the Organizers; Oxford STEM, Code for Change, and YouTube Channel CFC tutorials gaining over accumulated 1500+ views. The second-day session of this Webinar will be taken by Mr. Suman Gaihre; Core Member of Code for Change on the Topic: Social Media Security from,12:00 pm to 1:30 Pm to be exact.


The Organizers are pleased with the overwhelming response and attention towards this Webinar and are expecting influential participation from the youths in the upcoming session of this Webinar as well as future events to impart the core of knowledge and understanding towards Cyber Security.


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