About Code for Change

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About Code for Change


"The value of your life can be recognized when people around you bring tears in their eyes at the time of your demise."

Nirajan Chhetri


Code for Change

“A quote from Project Leader- Nirajan Chhetri.”

Youth in Social Change is a registered non-profit organization which was established in 2073 BS, believes in harnessing the power of youth to help local communities by helping young people to engage in positive actions and work. We often see problems and feel powerless to fix them, but Youth In Social Change is trying to combine valuable ideas from younger generations with experience of predecessors to solve various problems existing in our society. We at Youth in Social Change want youth to use their energy to inspire changes that positively impact our community. Our primary mission at YISC is to make today’s youth understand society by involving them in social justice and related work.

In our early days, a group of youth was frustrated by seeing the mass of Nepalese youths going abroad for employment and education opportunities. Then, they came up with an idea of Youth in Social Change. They planned to work on youth empowerment so that no youth should face that problem. This was the story behind our establishment and today we are celebrating 4 years of hard work dedicated to youth empowerment and social change.

Programming is the 21st Century’s new literacy. It is not confined to only engineering but extended to how we solve problems in the future. We believe that all students should equip themselves with programming skills to facilitate their future education and career development. With the idea of giving students more practical knowledge, real-world experience shared by IT experts, and creating a competitive environment of learning programming, we initiated the “Code for Change”. In this era of Information Technology, coding leads the change. Almost every problem can be resolved through programming, so we believe that students must have at least the basic knowledge of it.

Introduction to CFC

“Code for Change” is a project initiated by “Youth in Social Change,” a non-profit organization, in collaboration with the students from various colleges around the country with an aim to bring the IT students and the industry professionals together. We believe that the students should be provided with relevant skills to prepare them for their career. Realizing this fact, we have initiated “Code for Change” to provide a platform and opportunities for them. In the past two years we have conducted nationwide hackathons, workshops and training programs targeting the IT students.


“To be Nepal’s largest platform for students pursuing technology.”


“To engage students in the problem solving process while empowering personal and IT driven professional skills through networking and exposure.”

Why we are established ?

Looking at the current scenario of our country, the education system is very theoretical based and does not teach students real-life skills and professional skills that are actually necessary in the job-market. The situation is same for IT as well. Recognizing this problem, Youth in Social Change decided to initiate Code for Change to bring a positive transformation in IT students by providing them with relevant interpersonal and professional skills.

Who we are ?

A learning hub for IT students:

We are Open platform for learners to learn and for trainers to transfer their learning to learners. We are the group of Young people uniting all the IT students and professionals under the same roof for the technological revolutions.

A platform to create social impact:

This is the age of technology and we know that our country Nepal is composed of around 80 percent of rural areas and only around 20 percent of land is covered with cities. So most of the people are unaware about the use of technology, its impact in our day to day life and our country’s development. We have seen the misuses of technology which are causing various crimes. So being an IT student, it is our duty and responsibility to help people of our society understand about technology and make its proper use. Taking this fact in mind, we conduct various awareness campaigns about technology.

Total membership:

250 members from all over Nepal.

Objectives of Code for Change:

  • To give students knowledge from real-world IT experts.
  • To encourage and provide exposure to IT students in the field of Information Technology.
  • To work as a bridge between the IT industry and IT students.
  • To motivate students to pursue their career in the IT field.
  • To develop interpersonal, problem solving and technical skills in members.

What we do ?

  • Workshops: We conduct workshops that enhance the practical knowledge of students. The workshops are designed to direct students towards career and skill development.
  • Hackathons: We believe in grooming the ideas of Young people and it is our main aim to bring the ideas of young people in our day to day life and create social impact. In order to encourage and motivate learning and development, we conduct various topic hackathons.
  • Social impact events: Once a year, we conduct a national event targeting to create a social impact in the society. Being students of IT, we believe that it is our responsibility to conduct events for a social cause.
  • Internship placements: Since we have worked with various IT companies, they provide our volunteers and participants with internship and Job opportunities on our recommendations.
  • Conferences: We conduct various internal conferences for our national membership and executive body for planning and reporting and their development as well as external conferences.

How we operate ?

Code for Change has a Core Team, Executive bodies and membership as its assets. Different Executive bodies are responsible for handling operations in their respective cities under the direct supervision of the Core Team. They are also responsible for handling the membership and conducting training programs and events in their respective cities. National Events are organized by the Core Team in collaboration with the Executive Bodies around the country.

Our Major events in the past:

  • Social Media Security 2020: This was a national awareness campaign conducted in 40 different colleges of 5 different cities where more than 60 members were involved in support of 19 different partners. The event was able to impact around 8,200 students throughout the nation.
  • Hackathon 2018: Conducted in 5 different IT colleges of Kathmandu and then a grand finale was conducted.
  • Hackathon 2019: Conducted in 15 different IT colleges of Kathmandu and a grand finale was conducted among the individual college winners.
  • Workshops: Various workshops on Web design and development, WordPress training, Presentation skills training, Career counselling etc have been conducted in the past.
  • Membership Orientation 2019: All of the new members inside Kathmandu valley were brought together as inducted in a very interactive and collaborative environment.
  • Mass presentation skill development: This training was given over a period of 10 days continuously to develop the presentation and pitching skills of the Executive Members of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, and Dang and the members of Kathmandu and Chitwan.
  • Executive Body orientation: This orientation was delivered to the Executive Body members of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal and Dang in different periods of time, right after the team formation.

Major up-coming events:

  • National Hackathon 2020: This hackathon is planned to be conducted in each province of Nepal and a national final will be conducted in the capital city, Kathmandu with a very grand prize to the winners.
  • National Executive Meet ups 2020: We have planned to bring the Executive Body members of all around Nepal together for presenting annual operational reports and annual planning.

Why you should join us. ?

Code for Change provides a learning and sharing platform to all of its members. It provides training not only for the professional/technical skills development, but also for developing interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Being a member, you get to learn and share in an interactive, collaborative and dynamic environment. Members will also get the opportunity to become a part of the organizing team for various local and national events. Being in Code for Change, you can apply for a higher position of Executive Body member. But, the journey doesn’t stop there. Our members will also be able to work directly with the Core Team on national and IT projects. Moreover, we also provide internships and job placements in our partner companies.

Our media coverage:

Code for Change has been featured in different television media such as AP1 HD, Prime Times and various online media and radio channels such as Hamro Patro, Edupatra, Salleri Khabar, OnlineKhabar, Meme Nepal, Colleges Nepal, Radio Safalta, Setopati, Ujyalionetwork, Kantipur, Samacharpati.com, Radio safalta, Colleges Nepal, Big Fm, etc.

Our partners:

Code for Change has companies and institutions such as Nabil Bank, Leapfrog, eSewa, Merojob, Neosphere, Grace International, Edusanjal, Basobaas.com, Institute of Information Technology Nepal, Laba Training Institute ,etc. as our partners.We also have worked with almost all of the IT colleges present in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Butwal and Dang.

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